Four Common Dental Emergencies And How To Take Care Of Them

Dental emergencies are something that can arise at any time. Most likely, you are not going to be able to see your dentist right away in order to treat them because you will have to wait until you can schedule an appointment. Instead, you are going to have to see an emergency dentist, like one at Northwest  Dental Services, who can treat your dental emergencies as soon as possible. Here are four common dental emergencies and how you can take care of them:

  1. Toothache: Toothaches are sometimes mild enough where you can wait to see your dentist to receive treatment for them. A mild toothache can sometimes be taken care of by rinsing your mouth with warm water and gently flossing near the area to remove any food stuck there that could be causing the pain to be worse than it is. If the toothache does not get any better after this, you should visit an emergency dentist. This is because a toothache can indicate a worse problem that will need to be treated right away, such as gum disease or even oral cancer. 
  2. Broken or Missing Tooth: If you were in some kind of accident that either broke your tooth or caused your tooth to fall out, you will want to see an emergency dentist. However, before you visit your dentist, try to recover the missing tooth so that it can be popped back into place without you having to refer to implants or a bridge. You should also rinse out your mouth to ensure that your mouth is clean after the accident. Once this is done, visit your emergency dentist for immediate treatment. 
  3. Crown Fell Out: If you have dental crowns, they can sometimes fall out. If this happens to you, you should purchase dental cement to stick it back into place, which you can purchase over the counter. This typically helps in these situations and you are able to wait until you can see your regular dentist to correctly repair it. However, if the dental cement does not work, you should see an emergency dentist for treatment so that you can get the crown popped back into place without having to worry about it continuing to fall out. 
  4. Damage to Dentures: If damage has been done to your dentures, you should visit an emergency dentist who can fix it right away. If you wait to fix the problem, it can cause irritation in your mouth, which can even lead to mouth sores. 

When you know what to do in each of these dental emergency situations, you can be sure that you continue to keep up with your oral health in the best way possible.