2 Oral-Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Bar Overdenture Clean

Unlike other dentures, an overdenture lays directly on your gum line and is supported by different methods. One of the most common methods used to support an overdenture is with the help of a bar. This method involves installing the bar in your gum tissue. Once the bar is installed, you will not be able to see it unless the overdenture is removed. This can make it difficult to remember to clean around this area. However, since the bar is near your gum line and embedded in your gum tissue, this can result in an increased chance of your developing an infection. Gum infections can be tough to get rid of. Fortunately, there are a few maintenance tips that you can use to keep your bar overdenture clean and keep bacteria away.

Use a Water-Irrigation Dental Tool Under the Overdenture

While you will not be able to access the bar and clean it directly, you can keep food and other bacteria from reaching it. The easiest way to do this is by adding a water-irrigation dental-care tool to your routine. This tool is specially designed to help clean out areas that are harder to reach with just a gum line. This includes all of the areas around your overdenture, especially your gum line. When you are using the oral tool, make sure to hold the water on one section of your gum line for a few seconds before moving on. This will make sure that all of the debris are loosened and can be removed with mouthwash or a toothbrush.

Use a Hard-Bristled Toothbrush to Remove Sticky Foods

Hard-bristled toothbrushes are usually only recommended if you have severe surface buildup. However, if you eat sticky foods often, then using a hard-bristled toothbrush will work more effectively than using a soft-bristled one. Sticky foods get stuck to the surface of your teeth and dental devices. When they are not removed properly, bacteria grows. The bacteria will quickly spread throughout your mouth to places like your bar. When using the toothbrush, avoid applying too much pressure. You may also want to consider how often you enjoy some of your favorite sticky foods and consider reducing the frequency with which you eat sticky things. This will not only help to shorten your oral-care routine but will also improve your overall oral health.

Bar overdentures are some of the most secure types of dentures, but they can attract a lot of bacteria. Therefore, use these tips to keep your dental appliance clean.

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