What To Know About Professional Tooth Whitening

If your smile is starting to yellow or stain, you may be considering tooth whitening options, such as over-the-counter products and professional dental tooth bleaching. If you want an incredibly whiter smile fast, you should consider professional tooth whitening from a dentist. Check out these three facts you need to know, so you can determine if it's right for you.

It Can Be Done in the Office or at Home

Depending on your preference and budget, you may choose to have professional tooth whitening done in the dental office. With a single treatment, your teeth are instantly brighter, making it the best choice for a fast improvement. In-office whitening, however, costs about $300 to $1,000, and the procedure is cosmetic, so it's not likely covered by your dental insurance. Professional take-home kits are a more affordable option, costing $100 to $500. Again, insurance won't cover the cost, but the lower price makes it more affordable. These kits are prepared by the dentist, and they use custom trays.

It's Safe and Effective

The chemicals used in professional tooth whitening are extremely powerful. In-office whitening, of course, is the most effective, but the gel used in professional take-home kits is stronger than anything you'd buy at the store, so you get a whiter smile faster. Because the gel is prepared and/or administered by a dental professional, the procedure is also safe. Your dentist will take the necessary precautions to avoid as much irritation to gums and teeth as possible.

It Works Well on Many Types of Stains

Professional tooth whitening works on many types of stains. Not only does it destroy stains from regular wear and tear, but it can also fight stains from tobacco and stain-causing foods/beverages like red wine. Some discoloration, however, is not caused by organic substances. For example, a tooth may appear darker because of trauma. Your dentist will be able to advise you on which stains may or may not be affected by tooth whitening. Also, tooth-colored fillings, veneers and crowns are resistant to tooth bleaching, so you may want to have them replaced if you do get a whiter smile.

Tooth whitening is an incredibly popular cosmetic dental procedure because it is effective and fast. If you are sick of hiding your smile because of stains or discoloration, consider professional tooth whitening. For more information, contact a dentist in your area today, such as at Pinon Hills Dental, and request a consultation.