Debunking Cosmetic Dentistry Myths: What You Should Know

For the longest time, the perceived high cost was the primary reason most people shied away from cosmetic dentistry. Today, it is no longer considered an unaffordable luxury, especially since dental insurance may cover part of the cost of some procedures. Additionally, many cosmetic dentistry practices offer various payment plans.

Aside from the cost, a few other misconceptions continue to stand in the way of people pursuing cosmetic dentistry. Here are some facts you should know.

1. It Goes Beyond Cosmetics

While the name suggests otherwise, cosmetic dentistry does more than improve your teeth's appearance. Most procedures will also improve your teeth's health and function. For example, a procedure to close the gaps between your teeth will ensure there are no pockets to deposit disease-causing bacteria and other debris.

2. Don't Worry About Unnecessary Pain

Advances in the techniques and technology used in cosmetic dentistry have ensured that the procedures are relatively pain-free. Additionally, your dentist may use sedation and anesthetic for various procedures, as may be required.

That being said, some discomfort, swelling, and pain are not uncommon following cosmetic dentistry procedures. Following your dentist's instructions for aftercare—including some painkillers—should help relieve the pain and discomfort during your healing process.

3. You Can Achieve a Natural Look

Gone are the days when everyone could tell you have had a cosmetic dentistry procedure because the results don't look quite natural. 

Thanks to major advances in dental technology, you can look forward to customized treatments that blend well with your natural teeth. From veneers to dental crowns and implants, your dentist can match your dental cosmetic treatment to your natural teeth's shade and color.

4. Professional Services Gets You Better Results

There is no shortage of products in the market promising teeth whitening, teeth straightening, and other results to improve the appearance of your teeth on a budget. The reality, however, is that you may end up disappointed as these over-the-counter products may not be effective. For example, at-home teeth whitening is no match for the results you can get with professional in-office whitening.

With cosmetic dentistry, the smart option is to consult with a trained and experienced dentist. You can discuss the results you want to achieve and the various options to consider. 

Forget the Myths

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on your teeth's health and function, and not just aesthetics. With the help of a professional dentist, you can choose the best treatment and look forward to a relatively pain-free experience and a natural look.