Why Invest In Dental Implants When You’re OK With Dentures?

If you're OK with dentures, then why consider dental implants? Dentures can meet your needs up to a point, then at some point, you have to have them replaced with new dentures so you can enjoy a better quality of life and better oral health. Teeth implants can be especially beneficial to you if you have had teeth missing from the front of your mouth that are noticeable when you smile and speak, so visit your dentist to see if this is the best option for your needs. 

You can get rid of partial or full dentures and get dental implants instead. This is something your dentist can recommend to you, so make an appointment to see if you qualify for dental implant placement. Keep in mind that dental implants may not be entirely covered by dental insurance as they can be considered a cosmetic need. However, your dental implant posts may be covered by dental insurance, and then all you'd have to pay for are the porcelain crowns.

Here are reasons to invest in dental implants when you're OK with dentures.

Dental implants can last you nearly a lifetime

Dentures are not designed to last forever. You have to replace them every few years as they wear out or as your facial shape changes. On the other hand, your dental implants, should you get them, should be able to last potentially a lifetime. A one-time investment in having them put in can be cheaper than several repeat denture replacements in the long run. This makes your teeth implants very beneficial to you in saving money.

Dental implants look more realistic and are more comfortable

Dental implants are far more comfortable and realistic to wear than dentures. You can get dental implants to where they sit in your jawbone and go into your gums like traditional teeth do. Your dentures, by contrast, sit on top of your gums and can come loose and can be more difficult to wear and look natural. If having a more natural smile is important to you, then consider dental implants.

Your dentures have been serving you well, but dental implants can give you the more natural and traditional-looking smile you want. Your dental implant treatment will involve making sure your gums and jawbone are healthy enough to tolerate the procedure. Then you can get your dental implant posts put in. From there, you can get your implants and have great results.

Contact a local dentist to learn more about dental implants.