How A Dentist Can Repair Your Mouth After A Major Car Accident

Being involved in a severe car accident may not only leave you with health problems, but it could also leave you with major dental issues. If you have recently experienced damage to your teeth from a car accident, you may need to get a full mouth reconstruction. This is a procedure that may involve a lot of different steps, but this will depend on what types of damage you have encountered from the accident.

Step 1: Consultation

Before you can get all of your oral issues fixed, a dentist will need to examine the teeth. During the initial consultation, the dentist will look closely at all of your teeth and will take as many x-rays necessary for diagnosing and spotting every problem you have.

When this appointment is complete, the dentist will create a plan that contains a list of every procedure you will need to fix the problems. The plan will also include a quote for the services.

If the damage to your teeth occurred strictly from the accident, you may not have to pay for any of the services. Your insurance company, or the other party's insurance company, may cover the costs, or you might get reimbursed for the costs if you expect to receive a settlement from the lawsuit you file against the other driver.

Step 2: The Process

Depending on what procedures are needed, the process of getting a full mouth reconstruction may take weeks or even months. The dentist may not be able to complete every procedure during the same visit, and some of the procedures may take time to work. Here are some of the procedures you may need to get your mouth back in the condition it was in prior to the accident:

  • Jaw alignment – If your jaw was knocked out of place, it may have suffered major damage. This could require having jaw surgery, or it might require wearing braces to force the jaw to move back.
  • Dental implants – To replace any teeth that were knocked out during the accident, dentists typically recommend using dental implants. These can take months to complete in some cases, but it will depend on how much jawbone you have.
  • Crowns or veneers – Damage that affects the teeth aesthetically can often be fixed by placing crowns or veneers over the teeth. This is helpful for teeth that are chipped, cracked, or discolored.

When the entire process is complete, the dentist may also recommend teeth whitening services to make your teeth look even better.

Getting a full mouth reconstruction may be the only option you have after a car accident leaves you with major damage. To learn more about this, contact a clinic such as Wigwam Dental Care.