The Truth Behind 3 Myths About Wearing Dentures

If you are considering getting dentures, you may have heard several myths about what it is like to wear them. It's possible that these myths are what is scaring you away from a product that can improve your smile. Dentures will improve your life in many ways, and you should not let a few myths prevent you from getting them. Here is the truth behind 3 myths you may have heard about over the years.

Others Will Easily Notice Your Dentures

The goals of dentures is to fix your smile and make it look natural again, but there is a myth that dentures are incredibly noticeable. If dentures are supposed to mask one problem, but just bring attention to another problem, then you may be wondering what the point of getting dentures is.

As long as your dentures have a proper fit, you should not have any issues with people noticing them. The only thing that would be a clear sign that you are wearing dentures is if you remove them when with other people.

Dentures Make Talking And Eating Difficult

There is some truth to there being restrictions to what you can eat while wearing dentures, but it is a very short list that is easy to follow. With dentures, you can once again chew your favorite foods without experiencing any pain.

Talking is also completely normal when you have properly fitting dentures. There will be a small adjustment period after initially wearing your dentures, but you can learn to adapt.

You Must Always Use Denture Adhesives

A very common myth about dentures is about the use of denture adhesives. Many people believe that dental adhesives must be used at all times if they want their dentures to stay in place. This can scare a person away from getting dentures if they believe they have to put up with the inconvenience of adhesives.

The truth is that adhesives are not the solution to dentures that fit poorly. An adhesive can help give you additional security or confidence. This is especially true if you are in a public situation where there is a lot of attention on you and you do not want your dentures to slip.

Now that you know the truth about these 3 denture myths, you can decide if they are the right choice to correct your missing teeth. Meet with your dentist for a consultation about your options.