6 Ways To Avoid Cavities

It is common knowledge that brushing and flushing every day will help keep your teeth healthy. However, those are not the only ways to fight cavities. Certain foods and lifestyle habits can also keep tooth decay away. Here are six effective ways to avoid cavities:

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

One of the best ways to keep tooth decay to a minimum is to chew sugar-free gum regularly. The xylitol in this gum can increase saliva production in your mouth and prevent bacteria from sitting on your teeth. If you chew sugar-free gum after meals, you will be less likely to deal with cavities in the future.

Use a Straw

By now, you probably know that sugary sodas are no good for your teeth. However, that does not mean you can't drink them on occasion. When you do want to sip on some soda, at least use a straw. If you have a straw, less of the soda will get on your teeth, minimizing damage.

Say Yes to Cheese

Cheese is not just great for your bones; it can also keep your teeth healthy and strong. The calcium in cheese can help re-mineralize your pearly whites and keep cavities at bay. Adding a slice of cheese to your sandwiches can have a positive effect on your teeth.

Replace Your Toothbrush Regularly

If your toothbrush is several months old and frayed, it will not be able to remove plaque from your teeth as effectively. To keep your teeth clean and healthy, you should switch your toothbrush at least every three months.

Eat Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Another effective way you can prevent cavities is to include crunchy fruits and vegetables in your diet. Foods such as apples and celery have an abrasive texture that can scrub the plaque right off your pearly whites.

Think About Dental Sealants

If you take good care of your teeth and still get cavities, you might want to talk to your dentist about getting dental sealants. These sealants are placed on teeth that are more difficult to brush, such as your molars. They last several years and can minimize the number of cavities you get.

Cavities don't have to affect your oral health. If you follow these helpful tips, you can reduce your risk of cavities and keep your teeth healthy. Remember to visit a dentist like Hart Dayton DMD every six months so that he can look for subtle signs of cavities.