Starting Over: Choosing Tooth Extraction And Crowns For Children

Depending on a child's lifestyle and habits, they can see some of the same health issues as adults. When adults need fillings or even a crown, this is typically not a big deal. When a child has teeth that are rotten, this can be a cause for concern and determine dental health later on in life. If your child has a mouth that has several rotten or damaged teeth, here are some reasons you should consider dental extractions and crowns for your little one.

Rotten teeth only get worse

Once teeth inside of your child's mouth have cavities or are rotten, this issue only gets worse. Not only can it cause the teeth to fall out and damage the pulp, it can also cause your child considerable pain. If your child has more than a few teeth that are in heavy need of cavities, dental extractions and crowns can get their dental health back on the right path.

Children need to learn to operate with healthy teeth

Children eating or using teeth that are broken or have holes can cause them to develop unhealthy chewing habits. The child may learn to chew on one side, and continue this throughout life. They may also grind their teeth down in order to try to numb their gums subconsciously. Providing your child with healthy teeth when they are learning healthy eating habits will set them on the right path to being able to take care of their adult teeth.

It's better to get ahead of dental care than behind

If the dentist has advised that extensive work will need to be done to get your child's teeth in shape, you should get as far ahead of the problem as possible. While pulp caps or a few fillings at a time can provide help, these may only be temporary solutions if the problem is lifestyle issues. If too many teeth are damaged, consider tooth extractions of the baby teeth, then a metal crown in order to allow for the proper usage of the mouth, jaw, and teeth.

Teeth are a part of self-esteem

Having a nice smile and good oral habits can help a child feel better about their image. Fixing a child's dental issues with the usage of crowns can make them feel better about their appearance. Rather than having the children go through several years with missing teeth, you should have these spaces in their smile filled with proper crowns that can be used as teeth.