What Are Your Alternatives To Dentures?

If you have been told that you need dentures, then you are probably wondering about your options. Wearing dentures are more common than you think. Around 20 million women age 40 and over wear a partial or full set of dentures. However, some dental patients have problems adjusting to dentures. For this reason, they look for alternatives.

Get Evaluated For Dental Implants

Dental implants or implant restoration are an alternative to dentures. They are metal frames or posts that are surgically placed into your jawbone under your gums. After the placement of the frame or posts, your dentist can mount replacement teeth on them.

The implants fuse into your gums, which allows stable support for artificial teeth. This means the teeth will not shift and slip in your mouth. One of the main concerns of a new denture wearer is speaking and eating. You do not have to worry about that with implants. Dental implants feel similar to your regular teeth.

To be a candidate, you must have enough bone and healthy gums. You also have to commit to keeping your implants clean. Regular dental visits and meticulous oral hygiene are a must for long-term success of your implants.

Consider the All-On-Four Procedure

The all-on-four dental implant system is another option for teeth replacement. This system replaces your teeth on the top and bottom with a minimum of four dental implants. This means that on the top four implants are now supporting what 14 natural teeth would support. On the bottom, four implants are supporting what 14 natural teeth would support.

The implants are combined with a metal ceramic or zirconia bridge. This bridge is basically denture teeth fused to a metal base. There is also the possibility of having to use more than four implants depending on the size of your jaw.

What Is Your Budget?

Paying for your dental procedure plays a big role in what you choose. Dental implants are expensive and cost in the thousands. Insurance companies pay very little towards implants. However, you can finance the procedure. It helps to know how you are going to pay and to have a budget in place.

It helps to understand that denture wearers have more options now because of the new technology. You should research what is available. However, you still have to continue good oral health to prevent gum disease. Gum disease can affect your mouth with or without teeth.

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