3 Bad Habits a Dentist Can Help Your Child Stop

As our children grow up, it's often common for them to challenge or ignore the things we tell them. It sometimes takes another authoritative figure to help with different problems. One person that can help with many bad habits is a dentist. If your child has one of the following bad mouth habits, then you should bring it up to the dentist before the appointment. By the time the appointment arrives, steps will be in place to help end these habits and set your child on a path for proper oral health.


For children that suck their thumbs, stopping can be an extreme challenge. If thumb-sucking continues, a child can do damage to both their teeth and the roof of their mouth. A dentist can not only explain the bad results of thumb sucking but also show them directly to the child. By using x-rays and diagrams, the dentist can use visuals to make an impact on the bad habit. Future goals can also be set. For example, the dentist can tell the child that he expects the thumb-sucking to stop by the next dental-cleaning appointment. It can make a huge difference for the child to have a set goal to follow through with.

Binky Use

Similar to thumb-sucking, using a binky or pacifier is a bad habit that can result in negative dental outcomes. A child who uses a binky too much can wear down their front teeth, reshape the teeth, and cause permanent mouth damage. A dentist can offer a child alternatives to using the binky and use tooth models to show the potential impacts that may occur.

Chewing Objects

As children grow and explore, they may end up finding random objects to chew on. Small toys, parts of clothing, and items like cups may be just a few of the things that makes its way into a child's mouth. Chewing on these objects can lead to cracked or chipped teeth. A dentist can showcase how the damaged teeth impact a mouth and may even showcase the process of repairing these teeth to help deter the chewing habits. X-rays and other dental images may also be used to showcase the impact of the chewing on random objects. The x-rays can often show how adult teeth are growing in and the impact that damaged teeth can have.

Opening up communication ahead of time is an ideal way to set up the appointment and keep the dentist informed about these bad habits. Visit sites such as http://westlakesfamilydental.com/ to find a dentist near you.