Options For Your Child’s Crooked Teeth

If your child has crooked teeth then you'll want to look into the different ways you can go about helping them to straighten those teeth. Most people think that a child's first set of teeth can be ignored if they happen to be crooked. However, the first set will act as guides for the permanent set of teeth, so you don't want to make the mistake of thinking this way. This means, whether your child is dealing with a first or second set of crooked teeth, you'll want to take them in to the dentist to see whether or not treatment is needed and to begin that possible treatment. If your child needs braces, you'll want to learn about the following facts regarding braces and kids, so you can prepare for everything to come.

Sometimes teeth may be removed

There may be times when the dentist will suggest removing one or more baby teeth that are causing crowding with their other teeth. This way, their adult teeth will have a better chance of coming in straight.

There are different types of braces

If it's decided that your child is at the point where they should have braces put on, then you'll be interested to learn that there are several different options when it comes to the type you decide to go with.

You can have traditional wire braces put on their teeth. You can choose to go with the silver wires, or have them choose one of their favorite colors. Many children like the fact that they can have colorful braces put on.

There are braces with wires and brackets that are put on the backs of the teeth. These are called lingual braces. They may be an option for an older child who's worried about having visible braces on, but they can be more irritating so you may not want to have them put on younger children.

If your child doesn't have very crooked teeth then the dentist may let you know that they are a good candidate for clear aligners. These aligners work just like braces, but they are a plastic appliance that's slipped over the teeth. The clear aligners can be removed to be cleaned and when your child is sleeping. They do take longer than braces to straighten teeth, but they are less irritating to have on. They also aren't a good choice for extreme conditions.

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