What Health Problems Are Caused By Poor Dental Hygiene?

Practicing good dental hygiene should begin at an early age for everyone. This helps ensure the teeth remain strong and healthy for many years. However, if one does not properly care for his teeth, this will not only result in tooth loss, but other health problems as well. These are some health problems that may occur due to poor dental hygiene.

Heart Disease And Stroke 

Those who have poor dental hygiene are more likely to develop heart disease. This is due to bacteria in the gums being absorbed in the bloodstream. The bacteria can clog arteries in the heart which may trigger a heart attack or congestive heart failure.

Poor dental hygiene may also cause one to be more likely to have a stroke. If the person has high levels of bacteria in the gums, this can also travel to the carotid artery. If the carotid artery becomes clogged, this may block blood from traveling to the brain properly which can result in a stroke.

Respiratory Problems 

Respiratory problems may also be caused by poor dental hygiene. When a person has bacteria growing on the gums and inside the mouth, the bacteria is continuously being breathed into the lungs. The bacteria irritates the lungs and may cause respiratory problems such as bronchitis or pneumonia to be more likely to occur.


Dementia may also be triggered by poor dental hygiene. As bacteria grows inside the mouth, infections in the gums may occur frequently. The infection releases inflammatory substances that can go to the brain. When this happens, an inflammation in the brain can occur and this can lead to the death of brain cells. 


When gum disease develops due to a lack of good dental hygiene, this makes it more difficult to keep blood sugar levels under control. Even those who do not normally suffer from diabetes may develop the disease if they have not practiced good dental hygiene for several years. 

Many who have diabetes have also been found to suffer from gum disease. Diabetes patients are more susceptible to getting infections in the gums and this is even more likely if good dental hygiene is not practiced regularly. 

Taking care of your teeth does not require an extensive amount of work. By properly brushing and flossing your teeth throughout the day as directed by your dentist and seeing your dentist regularly, you may be avoiding more severe health problems later on in life.

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