Rotten To The Core: Don’t Allow The Condition Of Your Teeth To Define You

Teeth that are so badly decayed are not only unsightly but unhealthy. Quite often, the pain they cause, both physically and emotionally, cause you to behave in unpleasant ways toward others. When you know that your usual charming personality is otherwise turned negative because of what is going on with your teeth, seek out a dentist. Do not allow the condition of your teeth to define you. Here is how the dentist can help with all of the above:

First- Happy, Relaxing Medications

Your dentist will probably need to do cavity extractions or root canals on your teeth if the rot is bad enough. To carry out these procedures, you will sit in the dentist's chair and be given "happy" medications. This includes laughing gas, a true transformer of mood and behavior almost instantly. Then the dentist will anesthetize your mouth, which instantly removes any pain, causing you to change your mood from grumpy to relieved, even content.

IV Sedation If You Need It

Additionally, if you are normally the type of person that would avoid the dentist, you can request IV sedation. This is as mellow as you have probably been in months, not to mention that you will take a pain-free nap and probably sleep like a baby. With rotting teeth, it is hard to sleep very well at all, which contributes to your unpleasant moods and behaviors. A little nap during tooth extraction should do you wonders.

Tooth Extraction

Removing a completely rotten tooth removes the possibility of infection if it is not already present. Oddly enough, if a tooth is completely dead as well as rotten, the nerves to this tooth shrivel up and do not transmit pain signals anymore. However, the pain can be felt still in neighboring teeth, which may also be beginning to rot. Removing the rotten tooth (or teeth!) removes a lot of the discomfort that accompanies this problem, including the emotional discomfort you feel if you think people are staring at your bad tooth (teeth).

Root Canals

If you have teeth that are only half rotten and can be repaired and restored, your dentist will do a root canal. If you are already under one or more types of anesthesia, then your dentist will just continue to perform the root canal while you are still under. When you awake, you may feel some pain after a few hours, but the dentist will send home prescription painkillers so that your true personality can shine through again.

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