Veneers ~ Could They Be Right For Your Dental Issues?

There are a number of ways that individuals who have imperfect smiles can improve the appearances of their teeth. Today's, cosmetic dentists have a number of procedures in their arsenal that can give patients beautiful smiles. These procedures can often be completed in a day or a few office visits. This is exciting when one considers that in yesteryear procedures such as orthodontic treatments could be lengthy. Some procedures in yesteryear were are not semi-permanent, and many such as dentures were regretfully noticeable. 

Veneers are one type of cosmetic procedure that can be used to improve teeth. The procedure is relatively simple and can drastically improve the appearance of teeth. You can think of veneers as tooth-colored caps that cosmetic dentists affix to their patients' teeth. The veneers blend seamlessly with the patients' natural teeth. They can improve a number of imperfections. The following are examples of what veneers could do for you.

Why Should You Consider Veneers

Veneers are custom created for each patient. The veneers are created in a lab using special measurements to ensure that they fit seamlessly in patients' mouths. This means that you will not have the worries of someone noticing that you have had dental work performed. Even when it comes to the shade of your teeth, you can be confident that dentists use their best efforts to get as close of a match as possible. This is important because lifestyle choices can affect the hue of indviduals' teeth. For example, a person who drinks a lot of coffee may not have the whitest teeth. Of course, there is the option to utilize other cosmetic services such as teeth whitening to enhance the color of teeth and make them whiter. 

What Are Some Conditions Veneers Can Fix

Overcrowded or Spaced Out Teeth - Veneers are an excellent option for this type of dental problem. They can aid someone getting a better smile sooner.

Uneven Teeth - Veneers can be used for this issue as long as the unevenness is not severe. 

Narrow or Wide Teeth - They can be used for this purpose to make smiles appear more uniform in appearance. 

Discolored Teeth - Discolorations can happen for various reasons such as the use of certain medications. Some discolorations are difficult to remove. The placement of veneer can cover the imperfections.

Damaged Teeth - Chipped and cracked teeth can cause future problems. They may also appear to be unsightly. Veneers can protect the teeth and improve their appearance.

A cosmetic dentist, such as at Advanced Family Dental Care LLC, is a good resource to use to learn more about veneers. They can also determine if another procedure would be a better option for your dental imperfections. These professionals often work in a different capacity than traditional dentists and may perform services that your regular dentist does not perform.