Do You Need To Get A Set Of New Dentures? 3 Signs That Point To Yes

When you get your dentures, it is crucial that you maintain them so that they will last as long as possible. The cost of dentures isn't cheap. There are certain care measures that you will need to follow so that replacement is less likely. However, over time, it is possible that you will need to replace your dentures. Here are three signs that indicate it could be time to speak to a dental professional about a brand-new set of dentures.

Sign #1: Irritation

When you receive your dentures, they should fit comfortably. While they may feel a little weird at first, they will grow on you. They should never cause soreness or bother your tissues and create irritation. If you notice that your tissues, gums, and mouth are irritated and that the dentures are just not fitting right, then it is time to schedule an appointment with your dentist for a checkup. You may be able to get your dentures adjusted, or it may just be time to get new dentures.

Sign #2: Loose Dentures

When you place your dentures in your mouth, they should stay securely in place regardless of what you're doing—talking, laughing, eating, etc. If they become loose or fall out while partaking in these activities, then the issue is unlikely to be with the adhesive that you are using. Therefore, you will want to speak to your dentist about evaluating your dentures and potentially considering a new set.

Sign #3: Facial Changes or Discomfort

Over time, your mouth and face will change and shift. It is just a natural part of growing up and aging. If you wear dentures, then this aging process can result in issues with the way that the dentures fit. If you notice that the dentures are causes discomfort or pain or that you are having ear, neck, or head pain, then you need to schedule a re-fitting appointment. Make sure to keep a close eye on your face, too. If you notice that there is sagging around the mouth, it may be due to ill-fitting dentures that require replacement.

If you have recently noticed any of the aforementioned signs, schedule an appointment with your dentist or a local dentist with experience in dentures. It is important that you do not delay to get a re-fitting or a replacement set of dentures as soon as you notice these signs because the symptoms can get worse. For more information, reach out to dentists like Tony Parsley, DMD.