Three Things To Notice When You Wear Temporary Veneers

Getting dental veneers is a two-step process, which means that between your first and second dental appointments, you'll usually wear temporary veneers. Your dentist will fit you with temporary veneers to give your affected teeth more of a realistic appearance, given that he or she has to remove some enamel to prepare the teeth for the veneers. Wearing your temporary veneers can be a good learning experience for you as you wait for the real thing. Here are three things that you should make a point of noticing when you wear your temporary veneers.

How They Feel

If your permanent dental veneers will be dramatically changing the feel of your teeth — which may be the case if you've had an undersized or chipped tooth for a long time, for example — one of the first things that you'll notice with your temporary veneers is how they feel differently. Wearing the temporary veneers can be a good way to get used to how your permanent veneers will eventually feel. Generally, the feel will be very comfortable and it won't be long before the veneers — even while temporary — seem like a natural part of your mouth.

How They Look

While your temporary dental veneers won't necessarily have the exactly look that your permanent veneers will have — generally, the latter will exactly match the color of your natural teeth, while the former may not — you can still look at yourself in the mirror to get a sense of how the veneers look. Pay special attention to their shape. You want to see a shape that appears natural within your mouth. If you feel as though one of the veneers should have a slightly different shape, such as being a little rounder, share this thought with your dentist.

How They Perform

You should also notice how the veneers perform. While your dentist will caution you about eating certain foods that may damage the temporary veneers, you can use this transitional period to get used to how it feels to eat and even talk with your new veneers. Ideally, you'll find that eating and talking with the temporary veneers is completely natural and may even be easier than in the past when you had problems with the teeth that you're getting fixed. However, you should always make a list of any questions that you have so that you can discuss them with your dentist during your next appointment.

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