4 Things to Do at the Dentist’s Office

Dentists are important medical professionals. They care for a person's oral health, performing exams and cleanings that keep teeth and gums in excellent condition. You can make the most of each visit to the dentist's office by playing an active role in your dental care. Here are four things you should do while you're at the dentist's office:

1. Tell your dentist if you're feeling nervous.

It's common for people to have some anxiety about dental procedures. Many people don't like visiting the dentist's office even though they know it's very important. While dental anxiety is normal, you don't have to suffer through it. Tell your dentist if you're feeling anxious. Many dentists can offer anxiety-relieving treatments, such as nitrous oxide. Anxiolytic drugs are a safe way to have a comfortable, pleasant dental appointment.

2. Mention any tooth sensitivity.

Tooth pain is immediately identifiable as a problem, but sensitivity can be bothersome as well. If you've experienced any new tooth sensitivity, you should mention it to your dentist. Tooth sensitivity can be a sign of a cavity or infection. Sensitivity to heat usually indicates that a person requires root canal therapy to treat a severely decayed tooth. Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy, your dentist can recommend ways to treat your sensitivity. Toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth includes an active ingredient that can reduce nerve activity in your teeth.

3. Don't forget about your gums.

Your dentist will ask you if you've been having any problems with your teeth. While it's important to mention any toothaches you've been experiencing, you shouldn't forget about your gums. Healthy gums shouldn't bleed, but many people notice blood when they floss. This can be a sign of the early stages of gum disease, so you should make sure to mention it to your dentist. Your dentist may test your gum health by using a small measuring stick to check the depth of your gums around each of your teeth.

4. Inquire about cosmetic procedures.

General dentists provide preventative and restorative services to patients. However, many dentists also offer cosmetic services. Cosmetic dentistry allows people to enhance the appearance of their teeth. Your dentist can replace old, dark amalgam fillings with discreet tooth-colored fillings. They can also offer professional tooth whitening services that can remove stains from your smile. If you're unhappy with the way your teeth look, ask your dentist about the available cosmetic procedures at your next dental appointment.

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