Using Clear Aligners In Your Orthodontic Treatments

Dental alignment issues are some of the more common cosmetic concerns that people will have with their smiles. For a person that is suffering from this type of problem, there are clear teeth aligners that can be used to correct these issues, but this treatment option is relatively new. As a result, many people may not be aware of it being an option or what they should reasonably expect from utilizing this approach.                                                                

Clear Retainers Are An Effective And Discrete Orthodontic Tool

While individuals may want to straighten their teeth, they may have concerns about the visibility of the treatment tools that will be used. More precisely, individuals may be worried about the way that wearing traditional braces will impact their appearance when they smile. Clear teeth aligners can be among the most discrete options that you can use to address these dental issues. In fact, many individuals may not immediately notice that you are even wearing these aligners. Additionally, the design of these aligners means that patients will be able to easily remove them when they are needing to speak in a formal setting or have their photograph taken.

Retainers Can Be An Ideal Solution For Those That Are Needing Mild Alignment Adjustments Made

While clear teeth aligners can be a versatile option for orthodontic patients, it is necessary to be aware that there are limits to the overall effectiveness of this type of treatment. For patients that have severe issues with the alignment of their bite, these aligners may not be sufficient to fully achieve the results that they are wanting. However, these aligners can be an ideal option for patients that have minor to mild alignment issues that are needing to be corrected. To help you determine whether or not clear teeth aligners will be a suitable solution, your orthodontist can complete a comprehensive assessment of your issues. This can allow for an effective treatment plan to be created that will allow you to correct embarrassing teeth alignment issues.

The Clear Teeth Aligners Can Be Easy To Thoroughly Clean

Cavities can be a major concern for patients that are wearing traditional braces. The small spaces and gaps in these devices can easily trap food and plaque that could lead to the tooth developing a severe cavity. Clear teeth aligners can generally be significantly easier to clean as they can be fully removed from the patient's mouth. While these retainers can be easier to clean, individuals will still need to be diligent about thoroughly cleaning them at the end of the day and storing them in a safe area overnight.

Reach out to an orthodontist for more information on clear aligners.