Managing Your Dental Implants After Surgical Placement Into Your Jaw

When you have oral surgery to replace a missing tooth in your mouth, it's important to take care of your oral hygiene. When you choose to go with dental implant technology to replace a missing a tooth, your dentist will talk with you about behaviors that can cause your implants to fail. If you are a smoker, your dentist will probably hold off on implant surgery until you are able to quit. Read More 

Think Anti Aging Dentistry Work

When you age there are a lot of parts of your body that are impacted. Many people want to look as young as possible, but do not want to look like they have gone through a lot of different procedures. To many procedures can make the face look almost fake or unnatural, so the trick is to look as young as possible, but to do it in a natural looking way. Read More 

6 Tips For Adults With Braces

It used to be that braces and other orthodontia were more commonly found in pre-teens and teenagers than adults. This is changing as it becomes more socially acceptable for adults to wear braces. Why is this happening? The accessibility of orthodontia could be why this is happening. If you are an adult who has recently had braces installed, these tips will help to ease some of the sting. 1. Brush your teeth every time you eat. Read More