3 Problems You May Not Think Of Going To Your Dentist For

When people think about going to the dentist, it is usually to have their teeth cleaned or fill a cavity. However, a dentist is actually capable of helping with other problems you may not have thought of. Sleep Apnea Do you suffer from breathing problems when you lay down at night to go to sleep? If so, you may have a form of sleep apnea. This is a problem you can actually talk to your dentist about, since they can help get you a sleep apnea appliance to help with your breathing at night. Read More 

Dental Visits Help Spot Problems Early On, And This Offers Benefits

There are a lot of reasons to visit the dentist regularly, but one of the top reasons is to determine risks for potential problems. This may not be something you think about, but it is very important, and here are several things to know about the topic. Dentists Can Spot Problems That Are Very Small Dentists like John P Poovey DMD PC not only look for problems that need to be fixed immediately, but they are also good at spotting signs of potential problems. Read More 

Common Dental Issues

You should always be learning about different health concerns and issues that you could be dealing with. Dental issues are something that most people end up dealing with--in one way or another--at some point through their life. Because of this, you should also educate yourself on the more common dental problems as well as preventative measures. This article will serve as a great place for you to start with regards to your dental education: Read More 

3 Reasons You May Need An Oral Surgeon For An Extraction

In many cases, if you need a tooth extracted, your general dentist can take care of it. However, in some cases, the tooth requires a more surgical removal, so your doctor may recommend an oral surgeon. Check out these three reasons you may need to have your tooth extracted by an oral surgeon. The Tooth Isn't Fully Erupted Some teeth don't fully erupt for various reasons. One common reason is that the tooth is not fully developed. Read More 

Dental Crown Questions Answered

The placement of dental crowns is a procedure that most dentists will have to do on a regular basis. However, the prospects of needing this treatment can be particularly frightening or stressful for patients that have never needed this procedure in the past. For patients that are about to undergo their first dental crown procedure, here are answers to some questions that may help them to feel more confident about this procedure. Read More