Dealing With A Toothache Until You Can Get To The Dentist

Tooth pain caused by a toothache doesn't always happen at the most convenient time, such as normal business hours for your dentist. When this pain hits you after hours, coping with it until you can get in to see your provider can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to get some relief in the meantime. Peppermint Tea Bags Peppermint is a natural substance that has great numbing qualities and is often used to sooth discomfort on the skin. Read More 

2 Tooth Replacement Options That Partner With Dental Implants

If you are missing a large number of  teeth, you may not want to have a dental implant installed for every missing tooth. Nevertheless, dental implants can still play a part in the restoration of your teeth. Dental implants are metal screws that are surgically implanted into the bone of your jaw. For a single tooth replacement, an abutment or connector is added to the implant screw, followed by a dental crown for protection and restoration of chewing ability. Read More 

6 Ways To Avoid Cavities

It is common knowledge that brushing and flushing every day will help keep your teeth healthy. However, those are not the only ways to fight cavities. Certain foods and lifestyle habits can also keep tooth decay away. Here are six effective ways to avoid cavities: Chew Sugar-Free Gum One of the best ways to keep tooth decay to a minimum is to chew sugar-free gum regularly. The xylitol in this gum can increase saliva production in your mouth and prevent bacteria from sitting on your teeth. Read More 

Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During the Holiday Season

You will have access to many different types of foods during the holiday season. Some of the foods will be healthier for your teeth than others will be. Even among sugary treats, some are better for your oral health than others. The more good choices you make with regards to your food selection, the better off your teeth will be in the long run. It's not always easy to know which treats are going to be better for your teeth, so this article can help you enjoy holiday treats while doing your teeth less damage. Read More 

3 Tips To Help Prevent Your Dental Implants From Failing

If you have a few missing teeth, then dental implants can be used to replace these teeth. The dental implant procedure involves using an abutment to connect the dental implant and crown. An abutment is a porcelain or titanium screw that is shaped just like your natural teeth. The entire dental implant procedure usually takes few months to complete. Once the procedure is completed the entire implant can last several years without any issues. Read More