3 Reasons To Visit A Dentist For Teeth Whitening Before A Job Interview

If you are invited for a job interview, the company is already impressed by your application. All that is left is to impress them and prove that you have what it takes to hold the vacant position in their company. Although you should research the company and know how to answer typical questions, you should also dress appropriately and ensure your smile is impressive. Here are reasons you need to visit a dentist for teeth whitening before the interview date. Read More 

Can Metal Free Dental Crowns Work For Your Spouse?

If your spouse needs to fill a large cavity soon, they may also want to cover and protect their tooth with a traditional dental crown afterward. But if your spouse suffers from metal allergies, a traditional dental crown may not be safe for them to use. Traditional dental crowns often contain metal, which can cause allergies in some individuals. A dentist can cover your spouse's tooth with a metal free dental crown. Read More 

Debunking Cosmetic Dentistry Myths: What You Should Know

For the longest time, the perceived high cost was the primary reason most people shied away from cosmetic dentistry. Today, it is no longer considered an unaffordable luxury, especially since dental insurance may cover part of the cost of some procedures. Additionally, many cosmetic dentistry practices offer various payment plans. Aside from the cost, a few other misconceptions continue to stand in the way of people pursuing cosmetic dentistry. Here are some facts you should know. Read More 

Gingivitis And How To Prevent It

Gingivitis is an inflammatory condition. One of the earliest types of periodontal disease, gingivitis is generally seen as the gums become inflamed. Here is some information about gingivitis and how to prevent it. What Causes Gingivitis? As you consume food and drinks, the bacteria in your oral cavity feed on simple carbohydrates that are left in your mouth. Bacteria also mix with particles of food to form dental plaque, a sticky substance that can accumulate on the teeth and around the gums. Read More 

Using Clear Aligners In Your Orthodontic Treatments

Dental alignment issues are some of the more common cosmetic concerns that people will have with their smiles. For a person that is suffering from this type of problem, there are clear teeth aligners that can be used to correct these issues, but this treatment option is relatively new. As a result, many people may not be aware of it being an option or what they should reasonably expect from utilizing this approach. Read More