3 Reasons Your Dentist Wants You To Chew Gum

Chewing gum can stifle your appetite and help improve the smell of your breath, but a stick of gum also has the potential to provide some serious dental benefits as well. Chewing sugar-free gum varieties on a regular basis can be a useful addition to your oral healthcare routine. Here are three reasons why your dentist might promote the chewing of sugar-free gum on a daily basis. 1. Chewing sugar-free gum can keep teeth clean. Read More 

What Health Problems Are Caused By Poor Dental Hygiene?

Practicing good dental hygiene should begin at an early age for everyone. This helps ensure the teeth remain strong and healthy for many years. However, if one does not properly care for his teeth, this will not only result in tooth loss, but other health problems as well. These are some health problems that may occur due to poor dental hygiene. Heart Disease And Stroke  Those who have poor dental hygiene are more likely to develop heart disease. Read More 

How To Get Affordable Dental Care

Dental care can be prohibitively expensive for individuals or families without dental insurance. However, affordable dental care is still available even on the most limited of budgets. You just need a little more research than usual to find a local dentist who can perform the necessary procedures. What  are the options for dental care on a budget? Medicaid or other state sponsored plans  Individuals with lower income levels can often qualify for expanded medicaid, which is a perk of the Affordable Care Act for those who cannot afford even the most basic premiums. Read More 

Managing Your Dental Implants After Surgical Placement Into Your Jaw

When you have oral surgery to replace a missing tooth in your mouth, it's important to take care of your oral hygiene. When you choose to go with dental implant technology to replace a missing a tooth, your dentist will talk with you about behaviors that can cause your implants to fail. If you are a smoker, your dentist will probably hold off on implant surgery until you are able to quit. Read More 

Think Anti Aging Dentistry Work

When you age there are a lot of parts of your body that are impacted. Many people want to look as young as possible, but do not want to look like they have gone through a lot of different procedures. To many procedures can make the face look almost fake or unnatural, so the trick is to look as young as possible, but to do it in a natural looking way. Read More