3 Reasons Why A Zirconia Crown Can Be A Better Option Than Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal When Restoring A Damaged Molar

When your molar is chipped, it's a good idea to cover it with a crown even if the damage isn't highly visible when you smile. A crown helps to protect the underlying tooth from decay, and it also helps stop it from being damaged further when you're chewing food. When placing a crown on a molar, dentists have used porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns for decades. PFM crowns are created by adhering porcelain to a metal backing that gives it added durability. Read More 

Ready To Fix Your Smile? Why Dental Crowns Are A Great Choice

It's tough to feel confident when you don't believe your teeth are up to par. Your smile is easily one of the first things anyone notices when they see you and when this part of your anatomy is less-than-perfect, you could find yourself withdrawing from others because you don't want to deal with the pangs of embarrassment. You may realize how much your social life has started to suffer and you are determined to do something about the appearance of your cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. Read More 

Need A Tooth Filled? Types Of Fillings Available

Dental fillings replace areas of teeth that are broken or have decay. A filling reshapes a tooth and restores it to proper function. There are several types of dental filling materials that you may be offered when you need a tooth repaired: Composite Material A composite filling is the most common type of dental filling. You may have heard them referred to as composites or resins. This type of filling uses a variety of resins to form the new part of the tooth. Read More 

Four Dental Crown Facts For Patients To Study

Dental crowns are a valuable tool in modern dentistry. Crowns allow dentists to preserve teeth that otherwise might have to be extracted. Here are four facts about the dental crown procedure for patients to study: 1. Your dental crown will be made to fit your tooth. Dental crowns are not prefabricated because every patient's teeth are arranged in a way that is particular to their mouth. Instead, your dental crown will be custom-made to fit your tooth using an impression that your dentist will take of your bite. Read More 

How Does A Dentist Treat A Chipped Dental Crown?

As far as dental mishaps go, a chipped tooth generally isn't a reason to panic. If it goes untreated, a chipped tooth can be the beginning of the end for the tooth in question. However, this isn't something that happens overnight, so it's just a question of seeing your dentist as soon as possible to have the chip repaired. What about when the chipped tooth isn't an entirely natural tooth? Just like natural teeth, dental crowns can become chipped. Read More