Should You Rinse Your Mouth After Brushing Your Teeth?

When you are finished brushing your teeth, do you instantly place water in your mouth to rinse all the toothpaste away? If so, this might be a habit you will need to change. Rinsing with water after you brush might make sense to you, but it might not be the best option you have. Here are a few things you should understand about this. Why people rinse with water after brushing Read More 

Understanding And Treating Pediatric Bruxism

The constant clenching of the jaw and grinding of the teeth is known as bruxism. This condition affects an estimated 8 percent of adults, but it can also be a problem for children. While surprising to learn, bruxism can lead to a variety of dental disorders in young children, so proper understanding and treatment of this condition is essential. If you have noticed your child is grinding their teeth, mainly at night, this guide and your pediatric dentist can help you understand and manage their bruxism. Read More 

What To Know About Professional Tooth Whitening

If your smile is starting to yellow or stain, you may be considering tooth whitening options, such as over-the-counter products and professional dental tooth bleaching. If you want an incredibly whiter smile fast, you should consider professional tooth whitening from a dentist. Check out these three facts you need to know, so you can determine if it's right for you. It Can Be Done in the Office or at Home Read More 

The Three Dental Dangers Of Tea For Your Teeth

Tea is a time-honored tradition and popular beverage all over the planet. However, the type of tea you drink and how you take it can make a big difference for the health and condition of your teeth. If you regularly drink tea, here are three things to take into consideration that could be harming your teeth. Tannin Discoloration One of the biggest cosmetic problems for people who drink tea is the influence of tannins. Read More 

3 Problems You May Not Think Of Going To Your Dentist For

When people think about going to the dentist, it is usually to have their teeth cleaned or fill a cavity. However, a dentist is actually capable of helping with other problems you may not have thought of. Sleep Apnea Do you suffer from breathing problems when you lay down at night to go to sleep? If so, you may have a form of sleep apnea. This is a problem you can actually talk to your dentist about, since they can help get you a sleep apnea appliance to help with your breathing at night. Read More